Wer wir sind
Prof. Dr. Uwe Sachse, Initiator

We help you to shape changes. Our focus: Concentration on people and impact. First of all, with a positive effect for those affected. And we have to think about our nature even more than before. That’s why we think in terms of ecosystems. We do this scientifically, which means we work with data and believe in the power of solid analysis. Changes do not happen in a vacuum, but always have a historical connection within the company (“path-dependency”). This is important to us. We use existing experiences, results, and successes and build on them. But what is the quality of your status quo? So let’s start with the analysis. And if resources are scarce, experience is limited, and specific skills lacking, then we will help you.


No reason to run away, changes increase competitiveness.


Changephobia is an initiative of Prof. Dr. Uwe Sachse. The aim is to replace the widespread reluctance to change with the desire for change. Contrary to the true sense of the word, Changephobia stands for enabling transformation in daily thinking and acting. Changephobia supports organizations, owners, advisory boards, and investors in joining forces and using them effectively for growth.