Effective transformation in thought and acting.

Every child knows how difficult change is. Giving up habitual patterns of thought and behavior that have given us security over many years will never succeeds overnight. The effects of the pandemic and climate change are making it clear to all of us that this is no longer the way things are done. Our ecosystems are hanging in the balance. We have to change and are on the lookout for a new, better future. Courage and the will to create things, taking into account the equality of the economy, society, and nature, are important prerequisites for us to succeed. With a desire to shape change. That is what Changephobia stands for.

Desire for change

Changephobia stands, contrary to the actual meaning of the word, for enabling transformation in daily thinking and action. The objective is to replace the widespread unwillingness to change with the desire to change.

Changephobia describes the fear of change. Pathological manifestations in the form of transphobia, biphobia, and homophobia are current phenomena and have a dangerous impact on business decisions. The fear of the unknown, of a future that is not so familiar, in which traditions and power are changing, translates into a strategy of small steps. Always one step at a time. In doing so, the path emerges as we walk. Without much fuss. Through perseverance in a future of the known, where tradition still counts for something and loyalty is more important than innovation. But is that enough? We don’t think so.

“In the past, the future had a positive connotation. Today, our society seems to long for a past that never really existed. What is needed now for the new normal is a will to shape it.”
— Uwe Sachse, initiator

Overcome hurdles and make better decisions

Changephobia helps you to close bottlenecks, overcome mental hurdles and get clarity for your best decision.

Changephobia is an initiative of Prof. Dr. Uwe Sachsen. The aim is to replace the widespread reluctance to change with the desire for change. Contrary to the true sense of the word, Changephobia stands for enabling transformation in daily thinking and acting. Changephobia supports organizations, owners, advisory boards and investors in combining all their strengths and using them effectively for growth.